"EUROMIKSER" from Tetovo is a company that since 1992 professionally engaged in selling all kinds of concrete mixers and wheelbarrows. The company is the only authorized distributor and repairer of Macedonia concrete mixers from ALTRAD LIV Slovenia, the products of BELLE GROUP FORT England and the Netherlands.

"EUROMIKSER" is located in Tetovo, but our products can be found at more than 400 outlets in all cities in Macedonia, mainly in order to be closer to our customers. We can proudly say that there is a construction company in the country that does not use our products, and exceptional quality and very favorable prices enabled products "EUROMIKSER" to be found in many outlets in Albania.

We have mixers for the preparation of concrete of all types and sizes, which can meet the needs of customers of our products, whether it's construction firms or individuals. Our motto is that the success of the company's success and our customers, all products provide service and spare parts.

Our sales are increasing day by day.

Successful walking the "EUROMIKSER" of the construction market in Macedonia and neighboring countries plan to continue with their own production of concrete mixers and wheelbarrows, which offer a partnership of all interested investors and consultants.

"EUROMIKSER" - the name of trust and quality.

Director : Musa Kamberi